Direct Mail
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    Database Marketing Group

    What Is It? This is a self-service website for setting up your direct mail campaign.
    Why should I use this? Easy! You can choose exactly where you want to mail, who to target, and which coupons to include—all at a cost-effective rate.
  • Pel Hughes

    What does it do? It allows you to send a hyper-targeted mailer to specific types of vehicle owners (such as diesel, hybrid and particular auto makers).
    Why is it important? For starters, you can advertise your specialized technicians and keep them busy with the work they want to be doing.

Website & Digital Advertising
  • Scorpion

    What do they do? The team at Scorpion provides support for your website, SEO and online advertising.
    Why should I use them? Support, support, support. Scorpion takes pride in delivering top-notch service to all franchisees, helping you address your online needs with fast responses to all questions and requests.
  • RepairPal

    What is it? This is a website where consumers can search for trusted auto shops and get ballpark pricing for services.
    Why does it matter? Simply put, customers are looking for a quality repair shop they can trust—and a tool like RepairPal helps them make informed decisions about who they want to do business with.
  • Yelp

    What is it? It’s a place where consumers can look up businesses and their reputations within a specific category.
    Why is it important? Four words: 170. Million. Monthly. Visitors. For that reason alone, Yelp is a strong player in the online reputation game.

Customer Experience & Reviews
  • Kukui

    What is it? This is your tool to use for managing customer relationships and sending timely emails to keep them coming back.
    Why is it helpful? One handy-dandy login allows you to send personalized emails to customers based on their past visits, spending habits or previously recommended services.
  • Auto Text Me

    What is it? It’s a simple interface that allows you to clearly communicate with customers via text throughout their repair process.
    Why should I use it? With simple texts, you can dramatically improve the efficiency and quality of your customer communication to ensure they feel updated and informed. (Bonus? It takes less time than a phone call!)

CBA gear

    What is it? This is the online shop where you can purchase all of your CBA gear and materials.
    Why does it matter? Hello, one stop shop! By using our preferred vendor, it’s easy to be sure all gear and materials meet the CBA brand standards. This shows attention to detail and creates a very professional and consistent environment.

Marketing Collateral
  • Marketing Toolbox

    What is it? The Marketing Toolbox is an online library of customizable CBA marketing templates and downloadable items.
    Why should I use it? You’re already almost done! With this self-service tool, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel or wait for a custom design for common marketing materials.

Promotional Items
  • Virtual Vehicle MD

    What does it do? This site provides online animations that help you educate your customer about what is being repaired on their vehicle.
    Why does it matter? Trust! VVMD creates transparency in the auto repair process, helping to build a stronger relationship between you and your customer.
  • Listen360

    What is it? Listen360 calculates your running Net Promoter Score (NPS).
    Why is it important? You want your customers to be happy, right? This will give you an unbiased measurement of how successfully you’re doing that.
  • Listen360 Reviews

    What’s this all about? It’s an optional add-on to Listen360 that prompts people who’ve made positive comments about their experiences with you to leave a public review on Google or Yelp.
    Why should I use it? It’s all good! For an annual fee, this program automates a review request to folks who have already established themselves as your promoters.
  • MerchantCentric

    What does it do? MerchantCentric manages and responds to your online reviews on Google, Facebook and Yelp.
    Why is this important? It’s no secret online reviews play a huge role in influencing potential customers to do business with you, so the way we handle our responses matters.

Public Relations
  • No Limit

    What do they do? No Limit is our public relations agency and they’re responsible for finding local press opportunities for our franchisees.
    Why does it matter? PR is free! (YES, FREE!) These opportunities spread awareness and positive word-of-mouth while showcasing you as an automotive repair and maintenance expert in your community.