What can I do with Kukui?

  • Assign tracking numbers to tactics so that you can easily sort incoming leads by source. (These numbers are included, so be sure to take advantage of them!)
  • Listen to recorded calls to review your over-the-phone customer experience. Sounds like a great coaching opportunity for your staff, right?
  • Stay top-of-mind with current customers through email communications including monthly offers, unapproved work reminders—and more.
  • Send a win-back email to customers who haven’t visited your shop within a set period of time. (REMEMBER: Email is cheaper than direct mail.)
  • Avoid sending more than two promotional emails within a month so you don’t clog customers’ inboxes.
  • View your sales metrics like average ticket, car count, email capture rate and phone answer rate.
  • Have a custom offer or message you’d like to send? Kukui can create a custom email for you. Email Roxy to get started.

What else?

  • Pricing for Kukui is $165/month and includes everything above.
  • Not signed up? Email Todd and he'll take care of you.