How does it work?

  • PLEASE KEEP IN MIND: Without exception, all reviews should receive a response. We understand you’re very particular about how you handle your reviews. By combining best practices for online reputation management with your background knowledge on the customer and situation, MerchantCentric will work with you directly to customize the right response every time.
  • You’ll receive an alert for every review on Google, Facebook and Yelp within two business days.
  • All positive reviews will be responded to on your behalf.
  • Any negative reviews that need your attention will be handled by first sending you a drafted response alert email for approval. If approval is not given within 48 hours, the response will be posted.
  • If you have changes to a suggested response, please let our rep, Skye Favela know. She is very attentive and happy to help!

Good to know:

  • We understand negative reviews often feel personal and, at times, inaccurate. Our recommended responses are intended to redirect the conversation offline without fueling the unhappy customer further. If it helps, think of these responses as an opportunity to show other potential customers that we fully address every situation.
  • Any guesses who’s paying for this? Your NMF.