How does it work?

  • Choose from apparel, customer giveaways and other branded items (such as coffee mugs and napkins) that you can use in your shop.
  • The setup process is already taken care of for any items on the store. (TRANSLATION: You won’t have to waste time or money to set up a logo and proof a product.)
  • The majority of available products are “on demand” so they’ll only be produced after they’re ordered. While on-demand items may have slightly longer production and shipping times, this saves valuable NMF dollars from being tied up in inventory.
  • Anything you don’t see on the store can be ordered—just call the number listed on the site to work directly with our representative.
  • We do our best to add items regularly. If you have any suggestions, we’d love to hear them!
  • PLEASE NOTE: Every franchisee has a login they’ll need to enter when placing an order. Don’t know yours? Give your Marketing Coach a shout.
  • Can't find what you're looking for? Email Tina Bahr, or 281-248-4045.