How does it work?

  • While Yelp has a mixed reputation among business owners, the reality is the platform is widely used by customers so it’s important to be found there.
  • CBA has a master service agreement with Yelp in order for all franchisees to get free access to their listings.
  • To have more control over and features within your local listing, you’ll need to sign up for an advertising plan with Yelp. There are four spend levels but we only recommend Level A ($199) or Level B ($299).
  • The Yelp “Request a Quote” feature is available on all listings and allows you to quickly respond to potential customers who are actively looking for a shop. (HEADS UP! If you let too many requests go unanswered, this feature will automatically shut off.)
  • We’ve heard great feedback about the Yelp for Business Owners app, which can make things like responding to requests for quotes easy and fast.
  • FRIENDLY TIP: If your star rating is below 3.5, consider focusing on getting more 5-star reviews before signing up for an advertising package. Need help? Your Marketing Coach has tools available.
  • If you have any other questions or are unsure if Yelp is right for your store, please reach out to your Marketing Coach.

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